I’ll be happy to prepare a quote for your project. Before I can do that, I’ll need some details from you.

It’s not possible to estimate the cost or the turn-around time for a project until I can take a look at the source text. Only the source text will give me a good idea about the time required for research, the coherence of text, and the format. There is, after all, a difference between translating 500 discrete words and 500 words in context.

You can help make translation projects faster and easier:

Provide electronic source files. Working from paper, or even from “electronic paper” such as PDF files, takes more time and effort and carries a surcharge. When at all possible, please send the original files for the documents. Although PDF files aren’t ideal as source material, they’re great for reference, so please do include them.

► Understand that not all formatting may be preserved in the translation. The volume of the target text may shrink or expand. Complex formatting, especially in software not meant for page layout, will inevitably change. If you need assistance with the presentation of the translated material, please let me know and I’ll add the necessary time for a desktop publisher or layouter to my quote.

► Please prepare a glossary if you strongly prefer a certain translation for your terminology. Otherwise I’ll translate correctly but not necessarily to your preferred usage. If you have glossaries or previous translations, remember to provide them to me as reference.

Please e-mail me your request or use the Request a Quote form which helps to answer all necessary questions. I’ll quote by the number of words of source text or, depending on the material, by the number of hours required. And another important point: I need to know who you are, where you’re located, and how I can reach you by phone and e-mail before we can do business together.

  • Translation is only one of many language-related services. You can find out which services in particular I’m offering if you go to Services.
  • If you have a specific project and want to know how much it would cost to translate, go to Request a Quote to send me all the relevant information.