Since 1995 I’ve been creating and maintaining monolingual and multilingual websites. I deliver standard-compliant sites to your specifications with an emphasis on usability. Many years of experience in the field of typography and print layout help me to achieve the optimal balance of message and appearance.

I prefer open-source over proprietary software, and my tools of choice are PHP, mySQL, and Javascript. If you’d like to base your site on a content management system, I have extensive experience with WordPress, which is a very versatile suite for small to medium websites.

Managing vast, complex sites can be very time consuming and difficult, so I mainly develop for individuals and small businesses. Please contact me if you need a website with:

► Open, standard-compliant architecture
► Emphasis on usability
► Solid, bullet-proof code
► One or several languages
► Database-driven pages

Click on one of the samples on the right to see a large screenshot of sites I’ve developed. The images of the sites shown are of the last development stage. Clients usually assume ownership and maintenance of a site once it goes live, and I have no influence over further changes.

There are other services I’m offering:

  • Translation of written material, websites, and software from English into German.
  • Editing and reviewing of translated German material.
  • Subtitling of films and videos in German. Contact me about details of this special service.