What I’m offering are language services in German. My working languages are English and German, and my ATA certification is for the English-to-German language pair. Because I strive for a high level of language quality, I work exclusively into German, my native language. What I can help you with is written material. I know my way around documents, newsletters, advertising collateral, websites, resource files for software – anything that consists of written text and falls into my subject areas. I can prep your project if you don’t have the expertise or time and I can put it back together again if you so desire.

Translation – Getting it RightI work with written language only – I’m not an interpreter, I’m a translator.

If you’re new to translation and the translation process or if you’d like to get more information on how to pick a language provider, download the brochure Translation: Getting it Right, which is published by the American Translators Association (ATA). It’s available in several languages besides English. You can find the non-English versions on the ATA website.

In addition, ATA publishes the blog ATA Compass, a “guide to translation in the global market” designed to help buyers of translation and interpreting services get the most for their money.

These are the services I’m offering:

  • Translation of written material, websites, and software from English into German. Check out my Subject Areas to find out whether I can work on your material.
  • Editing and reviewing of translated German material.
  • Subtitling of films and videos in German. Contact me about details of this special service.
  • Websites for individuals and small businesses.