I’m a native speaker of German, brought up and educated in Germany. At university, my major subjects were German linguistics and sociology. This led to a stint with Collins Publishers in Glasgow, Scotland, where I worked as a compiler on what later became their famous German Unabridged Dictionary.

Leveraging my experience at Collins, I turned to English-to-German translation and began working for a number of agencies and direct clients. After I moved to Japan, I became heavily involved in electronics, photography, and the then-emerging field of office automation. I also worked on in-house newsletters, company profiles, and annual reports.

I soon established a company in Tokyo, which helped me to get a large number of projects, usually in several European languages. In those pre-desktop-publishing days, error-free typesetting of European languages was a rare and very expensive service in Japan. When my business partner and I demonstrated how keeping typesetting and page make-up in-house would reduce cost and turn-around time, many of our clients jumped on board and we created a separate typesetting and design company.

After ten years of evaluating, hiring, and coordinating European-language translators as well as supervising production schedules, I wanted to get back to my roots: translation. Upon moving to the U.S., I joined the American Translators Association and successfully took their certification exam for the English-to-German language pair. I’ve been working as a full-time freelance translator ever since, staying on top of my profession through involvement in professional associations, regular continuing education, writing articles and presenting on subjects that are important to my fellow translators, and annual visits to Germany to be immersed in my native language again.

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