Subject Areas

For a great translation, several factors have to be in place: high-level knowledge of the source language; native knowledge of the target language; and exceptional subject-matter knowledge. No translator can be knowledgeable in all areas, so it’s important to find the best match between the subject-matter knowledge required for the material and the know-how offered by the translator. What’s more, not all translators are comfortable with all styles. Translating a press release requires a different approach than translating a maintenance manual.

You can rest assured that I’ll never accept a project that’s outside the subject areas or style requirements I’m familiar and comfortable with.

Subject areas

► Computer hardware & software
► Telecommunications
► Electronics
► Medical equipment
► Optics & image processing
► Film & photography
► Corporate communications


► Manuals (user, installation, maintenance, etc.)
► Technical documentation
► Software localization
► Websites
► Newsletters
► Press releases
► Promotional & marketing material