• Translation

    Translation is the rendering of the meaning of a source-language text as its equivalent in a target language. This doesn’t happen word by word. The mantra of translators is context, context, context. Words are embedded in the text as a whole; the text is embedded in its cultural environment…[Read More…]

  • First Impressions

    “Effective communication begins with a first impression.” To truly reach people, you have to speak to them in their language; choose exactly the right words; be aware of the nuances of context. That demands attention to nonverbal communication: to colors, spacing, typeface, visuals. You want your message to be the lightning, not…[Read More…]

    First Impressions
  • Bio

    I am an English-to-German translator, certified by the American Translators Association. What I bring to the table is a wealth of experience in my core subjects, solid writing skills in my native language, immunity to faddish misuses of German, the humility to stay away from subjects I don’t know anything about…[Read More…]